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French Riviera Wedding

Mareva and Alban

Young, beautiful, dynamic and caring, this adorable couple breathed happiness and joy during all the preparations.  Their wedding took place in this incredible venue “Le Clos d’Hullias”, a huge building composed of a multitude of small houses, all nestled on a hill overlooking the valley. It was a wedding as they are, authentic, moving, simple and warm. Many emotions also during the cocktail, where surprises were invited, taking hearts by surprise.  A rustic, colourful and cheerful decoration, a dinner outside on the terrace, a video of souvenirs, games, a warm and relaxed atmosphere. A wonderful memory that will remain engraved in everyone’s memory.


“Le Clos d’Hullias” was an incredible day! Nathalie introduced us to vendors who all lived up to our expectations and contributed greatly to the success of our wedding. Moreover, she was present at every stage of the preparations, advising and guiding us throughout the months. We have wonderful memories of this experience!

Nathalie Dalla Riva. Your Provencal and French Wedding Planner