Valentine's day advice from a french wedding planner - Carpe diem weddings

For or Against Valentine’s Day ?

Strange question coming from a wedding planner? Not really.

Valentine's day advice from a french wedding planner - Carpe diem weddings

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on 14 February, always divides opinions among the people questioned, depending on how they see their relationship, how long they’ve been together, how special their relationship is, their upbringing or their past. And we’re no exception! Celebrating love takes different forms, and as organizers of happiness, we may or may not adhere to.

Some people see Valentine’s Day as a special day dedicated to love, while others see it as an artificial holiday, on a par with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even Christmas. Yet the origins of this holiday go back much further, probably to antiquity, and at first sight had no commercial connotations. 

But it’s true that the incessant advertising of expensive gifts, sumptuous dinners and romantic holidays can create unrealistic expectations and put pressure on couples to achieve a certain level of celebration. And the comparisons are just around the corner, in Instagram posts and Tweets. 

The pressure can also come from within the couple. Some may feel that there is a discrepancy between the value or nature of the gifts exchanged. This pressure can lead to conflict and disappointment, putting a brake on the spontaneity and sincerity of relationships.

Valentine's day advice from a french wedding planner - Carpe diem weddings

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. This day can be an opportunity to show your partner that you still love them in the same way as you did 5, 10 or 30 years ago. A bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewellery, a perfume, chocolates, a restaurant or a thoughtful gift – everyone has to do what they can and what they want. Above all, it should be a chance to break the routine and get away from the everyday, to send a thoughtful message to your other half.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the other person, just as we celebrate a birthday, a professional achievement or an exam, Mothers’ Day or Dads’ Day (not grandmothers’ Day, though, I think that’s taking things a bit too far…). Honour them, look at them through different eyes, stop for a moment to think about that person you pass 100 times a day but only see 10 times.

Because this celebration can also be an opportunity to take stock of your relationship, and hopefully strengthen it! -the bonds. It’s one of the only days of the year when you can ask yourself the right questions: am I still in love? Where does my relationship stand? What have we built up? What do we want to build? Questions for which we don’t have the time to look for answers.

Critics will tell you that we can celebrate love every day, and that we don’t need a date and a budget to declare our love. OK, I tend to agree. But honestly, who sends a bouquet, a note or a little attention to their loved one every day? Do you have a job, children, a social life? Well, unless you’re an incorrigible romantic, life has a way of reminding you that you don’t have time for such trivialities, at least not every day!

So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day? As long as you don’t fall into the diktats and clichés and don’t feel obliged to do so. Don’t have the money? There’s no need to spend a fortune to please someone. Besides, on 14 February it’s cold and dark and you don’t necessarily feel like going out to eat. Uber, a TV tray and Netflix will do just fine. The idea is to get out of the ordinary, out of your routine and feel connected to your other half. And that could be your best present yet!

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