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Our propositions


A first meeting

Non-committal but so important ! By mail, phone, visio (Google meet, WhatsApp…). We define together the atmosphere of your wedding, the place, the number of guests, the estimated budget and many other things.


A second appointment

To present your wedding project, which will be used as a guideline. It takes up precisely the points we discussed about: venues, service providers, atmosphere, scenography, budget, missions of your wedding planner…


You like our project ?

We sign a collaboration contract to begin our work : detailed services, cost, payment terms, commitments. We establish a timeline and put at your disposal a file sharing which allows us to move forward together on the preparations.

Single price : 4600€

Our detailed services


Carpe Diem Weddings - Préparatifs de mariage

First approach and definition of the common thread of your wedding

We understand distance and preparations complexity are stress factor for you. But you can be reassured, we work with well known trust providers and our work methods have proven themselves.

Your reception venue

The different areas where you will receive your guests, will be carefully defined. Provencal farmhouse, castle, private residence. We put at your disposal a file addresses which will allows to make an appropriate selection for your event.

Carpe Diem Weddings - Lieux de reception de mariage

The vendors selection

They will be essential in your wedding success. The providers we propose, are worthy of trust, quality and professionalism. We will organize a meeting with each one to discover them.

Your secular ceremony

You already got married at the city hall ? We organize your secular ceremony in France. Your celebrant will get in touch, and prepare with you a personalized ceremony, based on your history, your convictions, and your personality.

Carpe Diem Weddings - Mariage religieux
Carpe Diem Weddings - Mariage scénographie

Scenography to your pretty day

We know decoration and different reception areas are crucial elements for you because they will determine the atmosphere you want to give your wedding. Also we will propose a sharp accompaniment on this subject, so that you are fully satisfied.

Professional appointments

Whether to meet providers, ask questions about preparation, technical visits or what else, we are present by your side for each meeting, each visit, to accompany in the progress of preparations.

The budget

You have grant a budget to your wedding and you want to follow it. We develop at the beginning of our collaboration a payment schedule over the duration of the preparations. No surprise, you know where you are day to day.

Site visits

If you chose to get married in the south of France but you don't live here, visits will surely be necessary to move the project forward. We are available 7/7 in this time to accompany you for different visits and work meeting.

Carpe Diem Weddings - wedding planner pas cher

Setting up and monitoring shared files

We understand that the distance and complexity of the preparations can be additional stress. So we take care of you in working with shared files. So you are aware of the progress of our work all the time.


The D-day

Because we work together since the beginning, and we are also aware of everything, we stay by your side the D-day : ceremony, diner, party, service providers and guests coordination, animations, unforeseen things, let yourself be carried away…

Carpe Diem Weddings - Présence lors de votre mariage

The planning

No way out without rigorous organization ! The planning for services providers and organizers is essential for the success of your D-day. Time units, place, action, there will be no place for happenstance.

Carpe Diem Weddings - Organisation de mariage

Services providers management on D-day

We are conductor for the D-day. We are present to optimize the work of each service providers, we will stay next to them, as soon as they arrived and all the day, until evening. So you can fully enjoy your wedding day.

Carpe Diem Weddings - wedding planner présente

Cars rental

You wish to rent a collection car for spice up your D-day ? Or make life easier for your guests and secure their return to the hotel ? We handle cars or buses rental, and we are present to manage your guests at the end of the party.

The next day

The brunch

You want to extend the party with a brunch? We manage the day after D-day part by selecting the service provider you wish, by being present also next to you during the brunch.

Carpe Diem Weddings - Photographe pour mariage


Your satisfaction is our only motivation. We value your feeling and those of your guests about wedding organization. We will be listening about positive point and those we can improve it.

Included in the price :

Helpful advice : : it's your first wedding ? Not for us … we will answer your questions about organization, timing, progress of your wedding. Don't hesitate to ask us, it will always be a pleasure.

Personalized support : we know wedding organization is not just tick boxes to find service providers, planning, budget… you also have a lot of question and stress. Let's talk about it, we are available to reassure you !

Availability : because you don't decide when you need us, we are available 6/7 by mail, visio, phone. Appointments are not limited, they determine themselves when necessary.

Why proposing all inclusive wedding ?

Because the only way to succeed your event, is to have a global vision. For that, with my teams, I deliberately take the control, from the beginning until the end. With a complete control of the project, we are more efficient !



Let’s have fun : you, your family, your friends and the party during 3 days, to fully enjoy ! You want a rehearsal diner the day before ? You can ! We prepare everything upstream and we are by your side the day before your wedding.


Because it's important for us to make your guests feel at home, we select accommodation adapted to their tastes and their budget. Guests room, hotels, B&B, we put at your disposal a detailed list of accommodation.

Your private website

You want to share preparation with your guests (presentation, announcement, unfolding of D-day, menus, wedding pictures…) ? We have a solution : creation and maintenance of your private website only for you and your guests !

I want a gorgeous wedding !