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Wedding video

Katerina and Roland

Mixing several cultures, Welsh, Russian and American, Katerina and Roland chose «the old Europe» for their wedding, and more precisely our Provençal sun. The stakes were high. 3 days of wedding, 14 providers, 40 guests arriving from all over the world and a multitude of details to settle.
Old Castillon has welcomed all this pretty guests, in an authentic, refined and timeless atmosphere. The newlyweds wished the best for their guests: kayaking the day before the wedding, morning yoga classes, perfect combo to get prepared serenely!
Simple and chic decoration, soft and natural colors. A very moving secular ceremony, perfectly orchestrated.
An evening also very successful, especially thanks to the live music group, a chic and graceful prom opening gave this wedding a little timeless and unforgettable souvenir!

Mareva et Alban

Young, beautiful, dynamic and caring, this adorable couple breathed happiness and joy during all the preparations.
Their wedding took place in this incredible venue “Le Clos d'Hullias”, a huge building composed of a multitude of small houses, all nestled on a hill overlooking the valley. It was a wedding as they are, authentic, moving, simple and warm. Many emotions also during the cocktail, where surprises were invited, taking hearts by surprise.
A rustic, colourful and cheerful decoration, a dinner outside on the terrace, a video of souvenirs, games, a warm and relaxed atmosphere. A wonderful memory that will remain engraved in everyone’s memory.

Lauren et Anthony

A «so British» couple who loves France and its way of life so much that he chose to marry there. So it was halfway between England and France that we made all the preparations, since they had the opportunity to come to France only once before the wedding.
The service providers were carefully selected beforehand, and the meetings in France took place over 2 full days.
The charm and authenticity of our old stones, that’s what seduced our couple in choosing their wedding place at the Mas de la Rivoire. A nomadic tent settled in a huge garden, lots of light, Provencal and very neat decoration in accordance with Lauren’s wishes.
The brunch at the edge of the swimming pool gave this beautiful wedding a relaxed and friendly note.

Sylvie et Jean-Paul

When love knocks the door in the middle of our lives, we don’t see things the same way. For Sylvie and Jean-Paul, it was therefore an intimate marriage, surrounded by their very close friends. An authentic wedding, very emotional, regarding their respective life and the love that unites them.
Living in eastern France, their marriage was also prepared remotely.
A magnificent restored castle, an incredible decoration, all in a green setting, the decor is set.
Deeply generous, it is a whole week that the bride and groom have offered to their guests. This allowed us to immerse ourselves in the place and to prepare their marriage in the most efficient and pleasant way possible.
A few laughs and tears later, the emotion is still there…

Barbara et Alain

What could be more likely than a Burgundian living in Australia and wishing to marry an Argentine comes to marry in a small Gard village? That’s what Barbara and Alain do, braving all the practical and administrative worries!
A complex marriage but 2 families united, a pretty private building, with its «watchtower» which gave very nice photos.
A minimalist decor in a beautiful inner courtyard, the place is sufficient to itself, a very friendly banquet and a central dance floor to prolong the atmosphere.
Love and palpable tenderness, joy and good humor.
Real pleasure to the organization, as well as on D-Day.

Laurent et Gabriel

Stressed out, ignoring where and how to begin this adventure, I had to find treasures of patience and kindness to reassure Laurent and Gabriel and convince them that, Yes their wedding was possible, Yes we were in time, Yes I was going to be present from beginning to end to accompany them in the preparations and even beyond.
But it was not easy. From 80 we went to 150 guests for the wine of honor, everyone wanted to be present! A ceremony at the town hall of Nîmes, a magnificent photo on the steps of the Maison Carrée, refreshments on the terrace of the Carré d'Art and an endless procession to reach the reception place, nestled in the Nîmoise countryside. An organization that has worked for the success of this crazy day!

Laetitia et Romain

The very definition of a blitz wedding. An phone call in June for a wedding … in August! Or how to combine speed and efficiency. The success of the preparations and the wedding itself was due to the excellent communication between Laetitia, Romain and I, as well as to a particularly well-stocked address book!
A pretty decoration, rural, simple and flowery, a beautiful atmosphere, a couple very loving and united, these are the ingredients of a simple and friendly wedding, as their protagonists. A very nice memory for me and for them too, which they will keep in memory in their distant country where they chose to settle.

Delphine et Florent

This Parisian couple, like many, succumbed to the charm of our beautiful region! A “family” wedding since Delphine and Florent said “yes” in the presence of their two children.
A large family, many friends and an unusual place to celebrate their union: “Le comptoir Saint Hilaire”, with its fantastic decoration, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of the place.
Our two lovebirds escaped a few moments in a Volkswagen combi, caught up by our talented photographer...
A very pleasant wedding between two families united, complicity, savoir-vivre, elegance, that’s all we love!

Fifi et Nael

French-British mixed wedding, Londoners, Fifi wanted a wedding in our region, near his family. Mix of 2 cultures, Fifi being of North African origin, the secular ceremony held on the spot was particularly moving.
The wedding was organized on private property, where a nomadic tent was set. The decoration took up the vegetal elements of our region. A touch of gilding for the chic side, a tablecloth personalized to their initials, tables particularly flowery, the decoration was very neat.
The brunch took place at the White Beach of the Grande Motte, where the guests enjoyed a real moment of relaxation!